Auction Platforms

Simulcast Auctions – An event that provides bidders multiple platforms to bid their price. Potential buyers can choose between participating live onsite, live online or place absentee bids prior to the auction.


Virtual Auctions – Structured identically to a simulcast auction, items are sold one at a time and in numerical order. The auctioneer determines the closing of each item. Not a timer. There is not an audience onsite but buyers are able to participate in real time using the virtual bidding portal.


Timed Auctions – Unlike a simulcast or a virtual auction, Timed events are facilitated by a running clock. Items are typically scheduled to close in staggered order. All items are programmed with an Auto-Extend feature. Any item that receives a bid in the closing moments will automatically add extra time to allow all participating bidders a chance to place their bid without being “sniped”